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Northwind Estate Frenchies located in San Antonio, TX; raises French Bulldogs in a loving home enviroment.
Quality French Bulldogs with Champion Bloodlines are looking for life  long Companions.
We do not breed often, but when we do; we offer quality well bred puppies with great temperaments.
If you are looking for a healthy, happy and well adjusted French Bulldog Puppy you've come to the right place.
AKC Registered

Well... Leena & Gunnar are.
They will be born on Friday, May 31st, 2019
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Our Newest Family Member

She was born on March 31, 2017

She has 26 Champions on her Mom's side & 10 Champions on her Dad's
going back 5 generations & mostly Cream, White  & Fawn Genetics.

She's a little over 20 pounds & a very fun loving personality.

Everyone is going to be her friend whether they want to or not &
she does not discriminate between people or other dogs.

(Pictures to Follow)


She has 5 champions in her bloodline going back at least 3 generations, also going back at least 3 generations White, Cream & Fawn colors are prevalent.

Matty loves to play & likes the outdoors. She has a really fun personality.

Matty was born June 6, 2013 & we got her in October 2013. She acclimated to the rest of our dogs & family immediately.

She is a Great addition to our family!!!


Jym & Gunnar
Jym has 11 Champions with Cream & White prevalent going back 4 generation in Her Bloodline.

Gunnar has 10 Champions with Cream & White prevalent going back 4 generations in His Bloodline.

They are Both Very Loyal & Loving & Love going on car rides



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