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Northwind Estate Frenchies located in San Antonio, TX; raises French Bulldogs in a loving home enviroment.
Quality French Bulldogs with Champion Bloodlines are looking for life  long Companions.
We do not breed often, but when we do; we offer quality well bred puppies with great temperaments.
If you are looking for a healthy, happy and well adjusted French Bulldog Puppy you've come to the right place.
AKC Registered

Our Female Matty will be going into heat in October sometime, if anyone is interested is a Frenchie puppy & Gunnar will be the Daddy

Our Newest Family Member

She was born on March 31, 2017

She has 26 Champions on her Mom's side & 10 Champions on her Dad's
going back 5 generations & mostly Cream, White  & Fawn Genetics.

She's a little over 20 pounds & a very fun loving personality.

Everyone is going to be her friend whether they want to or not &
she does not discriminate between people or other dogs.

(Pictures to Follow)


She has 5 champions in her bloodline going back at least 3 generations, also going back at least 3 generations White, Cream & Fawn colors are prevalent.

Matty loves to play & likes the outdoors. She has a really fun personality.

Matty was born June 6, 2013 & we got her in October 2013. She acclimated to the rest of our dogs & family immediately.

She is a Great addition to our family!!!


Jym & Gunnar
Jym has 11 Champions with Cream & White prevalent going back 4 generation in Her Bloodline.

Gunnar has 10 Champions with Cream & White prevalent going back 4 generations in His Bloodline.

They are Both Very Loyal & Loving & Love going on car rides



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